We humans are complex beings that have inhabited the Earth for millennia. Each with a history and a baggage, we mean everything and, at the same time, we are equivalent to just a small fragment in the universe. We are many and yet we have found a way to be unique.

But if we are so many and so particular, what impacts us collectively?

In a lecture, American environmentalist John Francis gives us a clue: “We are the environment and how we treat each other is really how we treat the environment.

Without a doubt, the “house” where we live together is what unites us, even with our differences. Coexisting on Earth keeps us connected and that's why our individual actions, no matter how small, impact everyone and everything that shares the planet.

For a long time, Earth existed without us. But without the Earth there is no possible future for life as we know it. How are we treating our planet, its resources, its species and ourselves?

The ImPacto NetZero (NetZero ImPact) movement is an invitation to act now.

The Campaign, which was previously called Race to Zero Brasil, has grown and now has the UN Global Compact Network Brazil as an important partner.

ImPacto NetZero is a call for the mobilization of companies and society in favor of a more sustainable planet. We invite companies to evaluate the adoption of targets for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions based on science, thus contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

Be part of this network. Be part of ImPacto NetZero!